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Got Health Insurance?
We could find you a better deal

You might be already enjoying the benefits of Private Medical Insurance, but how do you know you're paying the right price or getting the level of cover to suit you?

Private Medical Insurance policies and providers are continually changing and maybe your circumstances have changes too. There may be a better suited policy out there that you don't know about.

Let us review your policy for free

We can review your existing policy and level of cover by comparing over 60 policies from 16 providers including big names such as Aviva, Axa, Bupa and Pru Health.

Any recommendations we make are completley free and come with no obligation.

Switch your health insurance

The majority of people who already have a Private Medical Insurance policy can 'switch'. This means that everything you're covered for (and not covered for) can be carried forward to a new provider, often saving £100s.

We'll do the hard work

If you decide to switch to a new provider we'll do the hard work on your behalf. All you need to do is cancel your Direct Debit with your existing provider and complete and return a 'Letter of Appointment' which authorises us to act on your behalf so we can cancel your existing policy and set up your new policy.

Call 01929 477 317 today for a no obligation Health Insurance review.


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